January 15, This is a delightful record.

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I suppose it was the New York Pro Musica, under the late Noah Greenberg, who pioneered this type of performance of Renaissance dance-music, bringing to it all the wide variety of instrumental colours that was available to the sixteenth-century musician; since then there have been several records of the same kind from German groups.

But no ensemble that I have heard combines scholarly responsibility, technical virtuosity and sheer musicianship to the same extent as this one. They even avoid the common temptation of taking the music too fast, just because it is harmonically simple; here it has plenty of rhythmic life, but is never deprived of its underlying dignity.

There is also a careful attention to contrast between the various dances themselves, though I am not certain whether there is any Renaissance precedent for ending a group with a pavane. The result is a record that does not grow monotonous, even if you listen to it all at a stretch. This is matched in the recording by a change of acoustic, so that the Morley has an appropriately intimate sound. His solution, to play the flute part on an alto recorder an octave higher than written seems to me to work perfectly; on this record, at least, it does not result in giving the alto part any undue prominence.

The player of the difficult lute part in the Morley arrangements also deserves special congratulations : it is Desmond Dupre, whom it is good to hear again. Ref Gramophone Magazine. David Munrow Susato the danserye. Post a Comment. By exploring the notion of shared cultural space in performances of medieval music by leading ensembles of the time, this thesis seeks to isolate aspects of performance practice unique to the EMC.

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Read more. December 31, In additio….We are a family business headed by seasoned musician Steve Noon. Read more and plan your visit to Eagle. We're passionate about music, we're also highly experienced in all technical matters for the musical instruments we provide. In this section we share our knowledge to help you get the best out of your instrument. We know that choosing the right instrument can be a difficult decision, so much choice and so many contributing factors to the right instrument for you.

So here we provide our in depth knowledge to help your decision. Our video section features snippets from Eagle Music events, award presentations, instrument demonstrations and technical advice. It is one of the most compact and easy to learn instruments.

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Low or Tenor whistles have become very popular over the past couple of years or so and we offer handmade whistles from Brian Howard and the world-class range of Chieftain high and low aluminium alloy whistles that are chosen by many professionals. Within our range of flutes there is a model for all levels of player. The superb range of Rhiannon bamboo flutes are available to order. We carry many tin whistle tuition, flute tuition and tune books.

Videos are also available from Eagle Music Shop giving you a one-to-one lesson with some of the worlds greatest tin whistle players. The most popular whistle to start playing is a High whistle in the key of D This is the whistle that is predominantly used in Irish traditional, Scottish and english folk music. Modern whistles are made from all different materials including tin, brass, copper, aluminium, plastic, bamboo and all different kinds of wood. The key of the whistle musical pitch determines what size the whistle will be.

A whistle has six holes that you place your fingers on and off to play musical scales as you blow down the whistle, it also has a hole at the bottom of its body because it is cylindrical it also has two holes in the mouthpiece the mouthpiece is also called the Fipple one hole that the player blows through and another hole that you must not cover when playing.

Within this range are soprano and mezzo soprano whistles. The G soprano whistle is the smallest and the Bb mezzo Soprano is the largest in the Generation range. This range of whistles is slightly larger that the standard high sopraon whistle range and within this range you can buy a whistle in the key of A which is popular for playing Scottish music. Much Scottish music is written in the key of A. The keys of C and Bb are also available in the Chieftain mezzo soprano range. Tunable whistles have a sliding head or are made in two parts so that you can slightly change the pitch to bring yourself in tune with other instruments.

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View First page of score Gabriel's Oboe Score. Free download!

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Happy Birthday for 4 trumpets - parts. Happy birthday for 4 trumpets - score. Happy Birthday for 4 Trombones. First suite for trumpet - Single part. Arrangements list in PDF format! It contains 12 scores, all single parts, links to download the audio files of the recordings, links to download the videos containing the minus one to practice. Posted by Trumpet arrangements and more Saturday, April 11, Tico Tico for brass quintet by V. Wednesday, April 8, I dreamed a dream for brass quintet by V.

Sunday, April 5, Nuvole bianche for trumpet quartet by V. Saturday, March 28, I dreamed a dream for trumpet quintet by V. Monday, March 23, La muerte del angel Piazzolla trumpet quintet by V. Wednesday, March 18, Trumpet trio easy book 1 - by V. Labels: 5 TrumpetPaolo TrettelTrumpet ensemble.

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Labels: 4 brassPaolo TrettelValter Valerio. Sunday, June 23, I'm dreaming of home for trumpet quintet by V. Older Posts Home. Subscribe to: Posts Atom.The Vatican has been enduring increasing levels of anxiety about the nuns, specifically the nuns of the US. The Vatican takes this so seriously that have set up a formal investigation, and the LCWR is talking about seceding from the communion.

The parallels with the situation regarding Wat Pa Pong and nuns are quite remarkable, for all the differences in the details.

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Despite the misleading and sensationalist headline, this article from AlterNet does a good job of explaning the background to the dispute. And the basic conflict is pretty much exactly parallel. Sister Farley is criticized for taking liberal positions on a range of matters relating to sexuality and relationships, namely masturbation, homosexual acts, same sex marriage, and divorce.

Despite Vatican 2 and the tremendous efforts by Catholics all over the world to genuinely engage with modernity within the framework of their faith, in this document the patriarchy just slams right down, no concessions granted.

Modernity is just shrugged off like an annoying mosquito. This was also a key point in the official Amaravati document on the Five Points that subjugate the nuns.

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For these patriarchies, allaying confusion means insisting on the One and Only Truth, which always has been and always will be, and which is fully embodied in the patriarchy itself. The Vatican, being older and more confident, expresses itself directly, whereas the Amaravati document ties itself in knots trying to apologize. But the end result is the same: obey or get kicked out. There is, of course, the difficulty that many of the propositions insisted on by the patriarchy are unethical and harmful.

They stem not from any timeless well of truth, but from well-understood social and historical conditions, conditions that no longer exist—except in the minds of the patriarchs. Meanwhile, Buddhists and Catholics go about our lives. We hear these pronouncements: sometimes they make us angry, sometimes they make us sad, sometimes they make us feel pity. But no one will ever be persuaded by them. They are a call to spiritual devolution, to a regression to lesser lives and diminished horizons.

Ajahn Brahm has been in discussions with some of the WPP Ajahns overseas, trying to arrange a forgiveness ceremony, to let go and move ahead.

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He is clear that neither he nor his Sangha are interested to rejoin Wat Pa Pong. In speaking with Ajahn Brahm, however, I never heard him do anything other than seek for a way to resolve the conflict. Meanwhile, a serious situation of conflict at the branch monastery in Wellington, New Zealand has arisen. A little background is in order. Bodhinyana was established by inviting monks from Thailand.

Like Bodhinyana, however, Bodhinyanarama was set up by a pre-existing Buddhist society operating as a charitable association, the Wellington Theravada Buddhist Association WTBAwhich purchased the land, developed the monastery, and holds the title.

Bodhiyanarama enjoyed its glory days early on, under the leadership of Ajahn Viradhammo, when it expanded to become a sizable and thriving monastery. Since he left it has dwindled, and for many years now has rarely housed more than one or two monks. Bhikkhunis are not welcome. Now, Ajahn Tiradhammo, the current abbot, wishes to change the legal basis of the organization. All control is taken away from the locals, and the WPP Sangha can effectively insulate itself.

As I have shown at length in previous posts, such an arrangement is neither Vinaya nor Thai custom. Short of schism, there are no grounds in Vinaya for a group of monks to set themselves up in this sort of exclusive way. In Thailand, the abbot is traditionally chosen through consultation between the resident Sangha, the local lay community, and a representative of the Sangha administration. The Sangha administration is involved because under Thai law the monastery law belongs to the Sangha as constituted under the Sangha Act, and so the authorities have a legal duty of care.

This, of course, does not apply in the case of monasteries overseas. What is the argument for this change? Things have been merely workable under a tacit agreement between the Sangha and the lay committee.Almast 1 year has past since my close friend Mari past away in August.

Almast 20 years has past since my glandfather past away in August. I have mixed feelings of sadness in August. But I should keep goin' And won't be forget about all you have taught me.

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I'm feeling bad these days. And that was very short after she become pregnant. Then she should give up her baby and got bone marrow transplant 3 times!! Hi, Dirk!! How are you doing lately? It's so busy days than I had expected. I'll re-restart someday!!

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And sorry about my poor English. I have married this year and moved to a new place of course with the painting your father drew. Remember Me I'm The One 2. Daisy Doo 3.

Susato - Danserye 1551 (Munrow) (#vinyl: SAE1000E, Graham Slee, Sony)

Adios, Adios 4. Is My Baby Blue Tonight 5. Sleep Little Jane Side2: 1. Long Haired Woman 2. It's Too Late, He Wins 3. Take Care Of Yourself 4. This Is My Song 5. For some reason this album seems to have never been released on CD - perhaps because it is a soundtrack to an obscure French film about bicycle racing rather than an award winning television serial.Kristian Bezuidenhout, fortepiano.

Brahms, Serenades. Beethoven, Piano Concerto No. Schubert, Symphony No. Kristian Bezuidenhout. Tobias Berndt Luciferobass. La Resurrezione. Tobias Berndt.

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Marie-Sophie Pollak, soprano. Jonathan de la Paz Zaens, bass Jesus. Stefan Drexlmeier, bass Petrus. Johannes Schendel, bass Pilatus. St John Passion. Marie-Sophie Pollak. Anja Petersen. Benno Schachtner. Jonathan de la Paz Zaens. Stefan Drexlmeier. Johannes Schendel. Matthias Lutze. Andrew Redmond.

RIAS Kammerchor. Justin Doyle. Office of Tenebrae. Choir of Westminster Cathedral. Westminster Cathedral.

Trumpet arrangements and more...

Antonio Lotti. Voces Suaves. Silvia Frigato Erindasoprano. Paola Valentina Molinari Clorisoprano. Chiara Brunello Silvanocontralto. Luca Cervoni Rosalbotenor. Mauro Borgioni Filenobaritone.Tuesday, January 19, Tielman Susato c. Tielman Susato also Tylman c. While his place of birth is unknown, some scholars believe that because of his name -- Susato meaning de Soest, of the town of Soest -- he may be from the town of that name in Westphalia. Not much is known about his early life, but he begins appearing in various Antwerp archives of around working as a calligrapher as well as an instrumentalist: trumpet, flute and tenor pipe are listed as instruments that he owned.

From until his death he worked as a music publisher, creating the first music press in the Netherlands; until then printing had mainly been done in Italy, France and Germany. It is possible that Susato also ran a musical instrument business, and he attempted several times to form partnerships with other publishers but none were successful.

Sometime after his death his son, who died intook over his publishing business. Susato was also an accomplished composer. He wrote and published several books of masses and motets which are in the typical imitative polyphonic style of the time. He also wrote two books of chansons which were specifically designed to be sung by young, inexperienced singers: they are for only two or three voices. Most important of his publications in terms of distribution and influence were the Souterliedekens of Clemens non Papa, which were metrical psalm settings in Dutch, using the tunes of popular songs.

They were hugely popular in the Netherlands in the 16th century. Susato also was a prolific composer of instrumental music, and much of it is still recorded and performed today. He produced one book of dance music inHet derde musyck boexken Most of these pieces are dance forms allemandes, galliards, and so forth and are simple and homophonic in texture; many are based on current popular songs.

Recoupe Pavanen Pavanes IV. Sometimes he devoted an entire volume to the works of one composer for example Manchicourt and Crecquillon. Not surprisingly, he seems to have favored other Flemish composers as subjects for publication.

He was also one of the first to publish music of the great late Renaissance composer Lassus. The predecessor of the modern bassoon, it flourished between andbut was probably invented earlier. Towards the end of this period it co-existed with, and was then superseded by the baroque bassoon, although it continued to be used in Spain until early in the twentieth century.

It was played in both secular and sacred contexts, throughout northern and western Europe, as well as in the New World. The dulcian is generally made from a single piece of maple, with the bores being drilled and reamed first, and then the outside planed to shape. The reed is attached to the end of a metal bocal, inserted into the top of the small bore.

Unlike the bassoon it normally has a flared bell, sometimes made from a separate piece of timber. This bell can sometimes be muted, the mute being either detachable, or built into the instrument. The outside of the instrument can also be covered in leather, like the cornett.